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About Us

Mysterium Fidei Latin Mass Society began as a prayer group in 2000 with the express purpose of restoring a Catholic culture!  We knew how fundamental liturgy was to that objective, so our group gathered weekly to pray a Rosary for the return of the traditional Mass to our community and to the world.  As our group grew, we added other programs to our agenda such as adult catechesis, pilgrimages, and corporal and spiritual works of mercy.  As such, our mission gained greater focus and consistency:

  • Prayer-for each members' intention, for the souls in purgatory, for restoration of the traditional Mass, for a Catholic culture and for a return of orthodoxy to the Church;
  • Education-for the purposes of adult and youth catechesis, to introduce into society Catholic Social and Moral teaching, to love God more and to serve Him faithfully;
  • Action-to witness for the faith in the form of pilgrimages, Rosary rallies, petitions, retreats, speaking events and parish support.

Thankfully, the years of prayer and action, along with a large measure of God's blessings, resulted in the establishment of a traditional, Latin Mass being established in our area in 2010.  While the liturgy was originally offered at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Lacombe, LA, the congregation was later transferred to St. Jane de Chantal Parish in Abita Springs, LA, our current location. The liturgy continues to grow in beauty and attendance and we are thankful to the Archbishop and the kindly priests who have pastored us these many years.

Of course, the work of the Mysterium Fidei Latin Mass Society continues since we are a long way from restoring a Catholic culture in our country.  Perhaps it will be many decades before we see His "will be done on earth as it is in heaven."  Still, the Mysterium Fidei Latin Mass Society is committed to continuing our agenda of prayer, education and action until just such a time arrives.  

 Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!